25 May 2023

Webinar Series on

Accelerating the Climate and Public Health Actions in Indo-Pacific

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About the
Webinar Series

This online webinar series aims to inform all stakeholders of the climate crisis, especially public health and medical professionals, climate and energy professionals, government, academia, and youth and to catalyze action. 

Why You Should Attend the Webinar Series

As the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), The Paris Agreement and Action for Climate Empowerment demonstrates, education is a critical agent in addressing the issue of climate change. Studies have shown that more education about climate change and public health can help empower individuals and institutions to change their behaviors in ways that can profoundly shape the way we interact with our collective home.  

In the face of climate crisis already happening and being the biggest single threat to public health, the importance of improving preparedness and resiliency of health and medical professionals is growing.  The webinar series aims to address this gap of knowledge through considering individual interventions, as well as higher-level interventions that can be made at the organizational or policy-level for larger impact. 

Discussion Topics


Improving Preparedness to Disaster

Twelve years since the Great East Japan Earthquake, join us for a dynamic online training event that focuses on public health and disaster preparedness.

Technology for Social Impact

This session will discuss examples and design considerations for applications and algorithms that address questions related to the sustainable development goals.

Renewable Energy & Land Planning

This session will introduce how to identify national land-planning policy and coordinate the need for national land-use planning and renewable energy in governance.

Climate Change & Public Health from a Life Cycle Perspective

The webinar will focus specifically on how greenhouse gas emissions are measured through LCA and how it relates to other standards such as the international greenhouse gas accounting protocol (emission scopes 1, 2, and 3) that are used by businesses and other organizations.

Public Health Resiliency against Climate Impacts

Following a presentation from communication experts, participants will reflect on the learnings from the sessions and discuss what actions can be taken in increasing resiliency and preparedness against climate impacts.

2023 Upcoming Speakers


Chandan Raman

Medical Doctor, President, United National Medical Society of Nepal, IVLP Alumnus

Chinasa T. Okolo

PhD Candidate. Computer Science, Cornell University

So Pyay

Lifecycle Engineer, PXP Sustainability

Bhagawan Adhikari

Mayor, Bethanchok Municipality, Kavre District, Nepal

Maika Daveta

National Project Coordinator for the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN Forest and Landscape Restoration Project

Animesh Singh

Medical Officer, Manu Hospital & State secretary for All India Medical Students Organisation

Yu-Ping Chen

Founder and Secretary General of the Taiwan Environment & Planning Association

Piya Kerdlap

Founder and Managing Director, PXP Sustainability

Joy Ming

PhD Student, Information Science, Cornell University, Fulbright Alum